About Jason!

"Perhaps I am a bear, or some hibernating animal underneath, for the instinct to be half asleep all winter is so strong in me."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh  

Swimming in the Little Elbow River, 1999

As I sit here writing, I'm not quite sure what is the most appropriate way to compose this section of the site. Humble modesty is a character trait is something I aspire to. Upon first reflection, creating a section on my website dedicated to myself does not feel quite in the spirit of evolving a modest presentation of self. There are also many aspects about me that I harbour serious hesitation with respect to exposing in any form of public forum.

An additional challenge towards this section is my innate introvert nature. A good friend of mine has suggested that there are some people who recharge the self vis a vis a venue designed to saturate the self in a social environment. The corollary to this is that other people tend to heal in an environment devoid of social interaction. It is a simplification to suggest that people are either one or the other...a spectrum is appropriate here. For the most part, I am a person who flourishes in psychological and emotional isolation. There are significant exceptions to this statement though, as I cherish interaction with and tend to grow in the presence of several select and special people. It is frightening to me that I am not always able to select these people nor identify them early in my relationships with them.

Slave Lake Sunset
Watching Slave Lake Sunset with Isabel, Northern Alberta. August 2001

Creative Expression as a Healing Tool


Isabel in Redrocks
Isabel in Redrocks. Nevada, 2000

Basement Bouldering Cave

In January 2000, my roommate Paul and I decided to construct a bouldering cave in the basement of my condo. Click here to see the plans we drew up before construction, the gym under construction, and the finished product!